Homecoming is the best time of the year. There are numerous homecomings that hold exciting events, but no other school has fun, extravagant events during homecoming week like Greenville University. They treat it likeit’s a national holiday. Students participate in club events every day, manysocial activities, and banquets with the alumni. But none of these events wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the members of GSGA.

In GSGA, there are eight different positions. Each of those positions are assigned to do different things, but when they come together, they plan different activities for students to get involved on campus and to interact with each other and faculty. Whether if the events are connected with athletics or academics, GSGA is the reason behind them all. Their goal every year is to make all events beneficial to the students, so they are able to have connections with faculty and other students and also to have fun.

The leader of all the student activities is Sidney Webster. She is the Vice President of campus activities and the mastermind behind all of Greenville University’s big events. Webster is also in charge of what goes on around campus. She has been planning this year’s homecoming week for almost a month, and all of her hard work had paid off. This years’ homecoming week, she came up with a lot of fun and active events that a majority of students were involved in. For Tuesday, Webster came up with the idea of the spike ball tournament, and she also helped plan out Greenville’s annual all day scavenger hunt.

“This time, since nobody was able to find the letters, we extended it to the rest of the week,” Webster said. “Since spike ball is a very popular activity on campus, I decided to make a tournament out of it.”

There were a lot of students that participated in this tournament, even some of the GSGA members. Surprisingly, two of the members on the mens side, Kyle Ward and Jonah Wilson, won the spike ball tournament. On the other side of the bracket, GSGA member Janson Michaels and GU women’s basketball player, Wesley Woodard had won for the girls.

For the annual scavenger hunt, the participants had to find scattered little blocks with letters. When you combine all of them, it’ll spell out “homecoming”.

“When people find them, they’ll send me a picture of them with the letter,” Webster stated, “then, I’ll tell them to meet them at a location, and I’ll have their prize for them.”

Summers also came up with a substitute of the game, Capture the Flag, and turned it into Capture the Couch. In this event, each team had to hide their couch on their side, and they had to find the other team’s couch and bring it back. She wouldn’t of made it happen without men’s basketball player, Josias Parker’s idea.

“We couldn’t find any old couches to use, so we just use recliners, which still makes the game pretty hard,” Webster stated, “we didn’t have a large turnout, but it was still fun for he students.”

Webster and the rest of GSGA also helped with the annual Midnight Madness which was a huge turnout that went really well. They were also in charge of the dance as well, which was a huge success for the students.

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