by Hope Brakenhoff

When college provides students with strenuous workloads and multiple all-nighters, it is important to be involved in a class focused around activity. Activity is healthy for your body, and taking an activity class is often a good way to incorporate some exercise into the hectic life of a college student. Greenville College offers a wide variety of activity courses, from martial arts to rock climbing to golf. There is no shortage of options for a GC student to choose from, but if you are having a hard time, just take some advice from some fellow students.

After speaking with multiple Greenville College students who have taken a wide variety of activity courses, it was determined that there were a few activity courses that seemed to stick out. These students agreed that fencing, badminton, and rock climbing are some of the most relished activity courses on campus.

Coach George Barber teaches fencing. Students spend time learning the rules of fencing, and then they actually experience a fencing match. They perform tournament play throughout the semester and end the class with a reenactment of a famous fencing or sword-fighting scene. Whitney Vitt, a senior, shared about her experience in the course, saying, “The fencing class with Coach Barber was a great opportunity to get our minds off the usual classes and enjoy something a little different. There aren’t many times in life when you’re able to practice and learn the history and vocabulary of fencing, but I’m glad I did. It was a really cool experience with a great professor and energetic classmates.” The highlight of their semester in fencing class was having the opportunity to act out one of their favorite movie scenes, like the one in The Princess Bride. Coach Barber gives students freedom in the class to interpret the final assignment in whatever way they think works best. Some students make videos, while others act it out in front of the class. 

Professor Tom Plog teaches rock climbing. These students spend class time learning the best ways to climb and practicing on the school’s rock climbing wall. At the end of the class, students take a day trip to Carbondale, Illinois, to practice their rock climbing abilities outside. Students who participated in this class said they were always excited to go to rock climbing and that the end of the semester trip was one of the most exciting parts of their semester.  Senior Tymber Gabbert commented on her experience in the rock climbing class saying, “I loved the rock climbing class. Not only did I learn how the harness works and how to tie multiple knots in the rope, but I was also able to practice the different rock climbing techniques both on the artificial rock wall and on real rock. Overall, the class was very informative and fun, and I was able to gain a true respect for the sport while also gaining new friends.”

The third popular activity class is badminton, taught by Professor Josh Flannery. This class focuses on the rules and details of the game. Throughout the semester, students learn how to play and have the opportunity to compete in matches with their classmates. Students who have taken this class enjoyed the abilities they learned during the class. The class is not only fun, but it promises to provide students with an enjoyable experience while learning a game they may not have ever considered playing.

If you are struggling to decide which activity class to take, think about giving one of these a chance. There is value in taking any of these classes, because they will all teach you new things, while also providing you with a fun and enjoyable experience. College is about trying new things that may be out of your comfort zone, and these classes are all great ways to experience something new while also getting you one step closer to a college degree.

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