Deadpool – 1h48m

In comparison to other superhero films, Deadpool is definitely much more mature with violence, language, and other aspects. However, the plot is engaging and the themes of love and collaboration make this film well-renowned.

Captain America: Civil War – 2h26m

This movie was much-anticipated by Marvel fans. It follows a conflict primarily between Captain America and Iron Man. With an intriguing storyline and well-executed action, this film is definitely worth watching.

Zootopia – 1h48m


This movie, though at first glance simple and a bit predictable, is a great movie for the whole family. It addresses racism and sexism in a strong, subtle way. With themes that support individualism, hard work, and a great sense of humor, Zootopia certainly isn’t only for children. 

Swiss Army Man – 1h37m


A bizarre comedy about a man who befriends a corpse while stranded on a desert island, this film is definitely worth mentioning. It was also remarkably successful, considering the independent nature of this creative project.

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise – 1h43m


This film follows the well-known Christian band Hillsong United and documents its general worship experience. Directed by Michael John Warren, a man who describes himself as “not religious,” this documentary gives Christians and non-Christians a unique perspective on musical worship.

The Conjuring 2 – 2h14m

One of the most intriguing parts of this film is the creation. Made by Christians with a passion for the horror genre, there are many themes laced beneath the frightening surface. A sequel to The Conjuring, the film provides an interesting perspective on a genre that has traditionally been looked down upon.

By: Abi Hillrich

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