Two of the most common human experiences are the effort to stand out among others, and the desire to be close with other people. These may seem like they’re opposite, but a group of friends on campus have found a project that unites the two. There’s one clothing brand that’s taking Greenville University’s campus by storm, and its business grows every day. Junior Adereio Jones is behind the newest clothing line on campus, CO$ (Circle of Success).

Jones, who is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and a business management major. He plays football and participates in intramural basketball during the winter. He’s been selling clothing ever since he stepped foot on campus, and he’s made a huge mark with his brand.

Circle of Success was started back in his hometown. Jones and a group of friends were thinking of ways to make money during their spare time. After a few unsuccessful endeavors, they came up with the idea of starting their own clothing line. It was hard to come up with a name for the brand, but they finally decided on Circle of Success. The meaning behind the brand is to surround yourself with positive energy and people that are focused on the same mission/goal as you, and then strive for success with their support. Jones and his friends did just that. They’ve sold shirts, hats, headbands, sweatpants, jackets, hoodies, and sweatsuits. Circle of Success became a  successful clothing brand in their hometown, and it’s starting to spread in the midwest as well. They’ve already sold a lot of clothing here in Greenville. Everywhere you go on campus, you’ll see people walk around wearing CO$ clothing.

Circle of Success has found many different ways to advertise their clothing. Back home, they music events, threw parties, hosted different fashion shows, and filmed commercials. People have been wearing the clothing to promote them through music videos and different events on campus. For homecoming during the month of October, Jones sold his CO$ clothing in Greenville’s team colors, and people on campus were drawn to the different styles. CO$ was also promoted through intramural basketball back in 2017, when Jones’s team won the tournament. Jones and his friends also hold many different charity events back home, as well, like turkey drives on Thanksgiving and toy drives on Christmas. CO$ also supported breast cancer awareness with their pink and black colorway during the month of October. Finally, the Greenville University football team  promoted the product by wearing headbands during the games.

CO$ continues to grow, and people are beginning to recognize their brand. They also have their own social media site in order to promote their brand across the web. Jones and his friends have taken their collaborative efforts back home and and been able to transplant them to campus. His advice for anybody trying to start their own business is to come up with a name for their brand, and have a good meaning behind the name. You also have to sell yourself in a positive way, and you have to put your heart into the process. You can’t be in it for the money.

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