Spring 2017 Vista Cover

The Greenville University Vista is a student-run magazine that focuses on bringing the creative aspects of both writing and graphic design together to create a wonderful masterpiece to represent our school. We gain real world experience making page spreads and writing articles for our magazine, at a somewhat professional level. As a team and as individuals we grow a lot while learning more and more about what it takes to make a magazine like the Vista happen. We are taking a slightly new direction this year! We are super excited about what we have in store, and we hope you are too! Keep an eye out for what is to come!

Behind every great work and every great accomplishment there is a team of people working together as a cohesive unit to achieve those monumental goals. Behind the Vista we have a small yet capable team of dedicated writers, graphic designers, web editors, and photographers. We work hard each and every semester to create a magazine that is worth reading, and one that is pleasing to look at. Once our work is complete, we get to share it with all of you! We as a team would like you to know a little bit more about us. We are looking forward to sharing the fruits of our labor in the coming months! Here’s a little about us!

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