New Testament Survey Ben Wayman

ten-commandments-in-the-new-testament“The idea of the class is that students will become so gripped by the Bible and its story of the new creatio
n that they can’t help following Jesus and being embraced by God. The Bible is enchanting because it seems an impossible truth that God wants to embrace us as friends and make all things whole again. But it is true, and so my hope is that students will awaken to the adventure they have been missing because they have taken the Bible for granted for much too long.” – Ben Wayman


Major Issues in Philosophy – John Brittingham, Audra Goodnight, David Justice, Erik Meade
I love getting to work with students who have never encountered philosophy before but find the ideas and the skills we work on in the class enlivening. I love seeing students go from talking about the book or article we’re reading for the week to talking about how they can use these ideas in their own lives. I enjoy the challenge of having to take a subject that can be quite abstract and weird for most students (who am I kidding, most people) and making it accessible, interesting and applicable.” – John Brittingham

Cuisine and Culture – Deloy Cole, Doug Faulkner

“I enjoyed meeting students from different majors across the campus, and team-teaching with Professor Deloy Cole. I also enjoyed learning about different cultures, experiencing different cuisines and traveling together.” – Doug Faulkner

“Who doesn’t like an adventure that includes trying new food, culture, and new friends?” – Deloy Cole

Western Civilization – Teresa Holden, Richard Huston, Jameson Ramirez

“One of my favorite parts of the class is the Creative Project. Students use a skill they have (music, painting, wood-working, acting) to make or present something related to a historical theme.  My office is decorated with some of the most amazing pieces of artwork you can imagine!” – Richard Huston

“There is no question that my favorite part of teaching Western Civ. involves seeing my students begin to make connections between the ideas, principles, and values of history and their own everyday experience of life.” – Jameson Ramirez

Intro to Digital Media – Jacob Amundson, Deloy Cole

“Being able to get students started on creating media is very cool. Seeing them canon_1263c006_eos_80d_dslr_camera_1225877realize that they can do it
is fulfilling! I want my students to be open to new possibilities and opportunities to create!” – Deloy Cole

Student Shout Outs
Juli Phillips & Kellie Steele Conducted impressive neurobiological research that was presented at the American Society and Cell Biology and will be published in a scholarly paper.

Emily Kaiser Interned with the Band Anthem Lights in Nashville in 2015, and with Career Artist Management in Beverly Hills in 2016.

Tori Paulin Has served at the Simple Room for three years running as the Volunteer Coordinator.

Leanna Westerhof Interned with Eden’s Glory for two summers and now volunteers with them, as well as being involved in the Set Free Movement for three years.

by Mandy Pennington

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