By: Victoria Fisher

Have you ever had one of those days when everything was against you? You wake up in the morning with a huge zit on your forehead, you spill your coffee walking up the stairs — which makes you late for your 8 a.m. class — and on your way there you manage to trip in front of your crush and try to cover up your mistake by mumbling words that don’t make sense. Yeah, me too. That same day I even managed to fall into a puddle and almost get hit by a car!
Not only did I feel like my life was ending, literally, I felt like a complete embarrassment. Days like these make one day feel like a year, and you wonder what bad thing could possibly happen next! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get through the day when nothing good comes from it. Keep in mind, though, that maybe you at least made someone’s day by the stupid things that you did. So what do you do to get through the rest of the day? Here are some things you should try if your day is looking like Ross from Friends when he got that bad spray tan (Season 10, Ep. 3).

– Eat some chocolate. This is actually proven to be a good stress reliever. So go out and buy that Reese’s you’ve been craving…and those M&M’s, Twix, and Snickers while you’re at it. Chocolate will brighten your day and overpower all the negativity that has happened. The ache in your stomach will distract you from what a miserable day you had!

– Break out your stress ball. That’s right, take out the stress ball you haven’t ever used, and squeeze it like it’s the last thing you’ve got. Don’t rip it in half, though; you’re not the Incredible Hulk!

– Scream until you feel better. People around you might think you are getting murdered, but don’t let it phase you. By screaming, you release all of those negative thoughts and things that have happened to you throughout the day. This is a guaranteed way to make you feel better. It will probably become addicting and you may not want to stop.

– Go take a drive and blare music. This one is especially helpful. Rap and screamo are preferred, so you can really dig deep into your feelings and just let it out. If you’re lame and don’t like to sing in the car…well don’t be lame, SING!

– Run. Run like you’re Forrest Gump. Run until you feel all that chocolate kicking in and you can’t breathe. If you didn’t feel like your life was already ending today…now you do.

– Take a hot shower and cry. Soaking in the shame of your mistakes and hardship of the day is a great way to get through it. Reminisce on the day and let the tears do the talking for you.

– Find a comedy on Netflix and binge it until suddenly, it’s 12:01a.m. and a new day has begun. Picking a comedy like “New Girl” or “How I Met Your Mother” will surely make you laugh. When Netflix asks you if you’re still watching, hit “yes” and keep binging until today turns into tomorrow.

– Find a dog. Find any dog you can and just look at how happy it is to see you. Its wet kisses and wagging tail are enough in themselves to make your day feel not so crappy after all.

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