by Summer Mengarelli

On your way to ring by spring? Here are some faculty and staff couples who followed the same path.

The Statons

Kaylee and Alex both graduated last year, Kaylee with a B.A. in Communication-Public Relations and Alex with a B.S. in Marketing. Kaylee is now an admissions counselor, while Alex works as a marketing specialist for the college.

The Bernicos

Dr. Matt Bernico is an associate professor of Communications and Media Studies, and Shannan Bernico is a graduate program coordinator. They met while they were both attending Greenville; she graduated with a B.A. in Religion and he with a B.A. in Philosophy.

The Amundsons

Dr. Lisa Amundson works as an associate professor of special education, and Professor Jake Amundson, an associate professor of art, also serves as Director of the Center for Visual Culture & Media Studies and as the Art Department Chair. The Amundsons met as undergraduate students; she graduated from Greenville with a B.A. in Special Education and he with a B.A. in Fine Arts.

The Beans

Though they did not begin dating until some time after graduation, Dr. and Mrs. Beans met while they were both students at Greenville. Now an instructor of mathematics, Mrs. Beans graduated with a B.S. in Education. Dr. Beans, the Chair of the Psychology Department and an instructor of psychology, graduated with a B.A. in Psychology.


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