Easy Dorm Snacks

By: Ben Casey So next time the Dining Commons turns your stomach sour or your room is too comfy to leave for the night, remember these treats to keep your stomach full and your palate satisfied.

Hipsters: The New Minority

by Mandy Pennington ANNOUNCEMENTS: JAVI JAMES wanted to let you know: “There’s a new band on campus forming that consists of the ambient noise of other people’s roommates while they sleep. The album cover of their first EP is gonna be the roommates’ reactions to waking up to air horns. […]

Christians and Secular Media

By Ben Casey I always thought that the Sunday school song “Oh Be Careful Little Eyes” was a Bible verse. I’m embarrassed to say that I only just found out it isn’t. Whenever I went to a movie, I could always count on my mom to text me: “O be […]

The Brains Behind the Operation

The Greenville University Vista is a student-run magazine that focuses on bringing the creative aspects of both writing and graphic design together to create a wonderful masterpiece to represent our school. We gain real world experience making page spreads and writing articles for our magazine, at a somewhat professional level. […]

Summer Reading Guide

by Abi Hillrich For the Poet: If You Have A Short Attention Span: To Prepare for Binge-Watching a New TV Show: To Curl Up On The Couch and Read For Days: For the Artist: To Expand Your Worldview:

The Diviners

by Summer Mengarelli The Factory Theatre performed the Diviners, a play by Jim Leonard, Jr., on the nights of April 20th, 21st, and 22nd. This was the fourth theatrical production of the school year, and the first non-musical play. Under the direction of one of Greenville’s newest faculty members, Dr. […]

Playing for More

by  Hope Brakenhoff After the questionable weather that hit the Midwest in late April and early May, it became uncertain if the Greenville Women’s Soccer team would be able to host their spring tournament at all. Even though the morning was chilly and there were clouds all day long, the […]

A Softie for Softball

by Maci Sepp Spring arrived early on Greenville College’s campus. Despite what Groundhog Day may have predicted, the vibrant season was just around the corner. The warm weather took us all by surprise. Spring break seemed to end before it even began; and the Lady Panthers kicked off their softball […]

School’s for Fools

by Sean Pope In case you haven’t heard, school’s for fools. Contrary to popular belief, the fool is a bright-minded individual. Chances are your grades are not as good as the fool’s, because the fool stays up every night to make sure each assignment goes beyond expectations. The fool passes […]