Graduation Pre-Reqs

By: Christina Bowman Going into college, most students don’t know what to expect, and they definitely don’t know what activities are necessary for a full college experience. So, just for you, here are 10 things you should do during your time as an undergraduate. 1. Live in a dorm for […]

Crafting Your Voice in an Overpopulated World

By: Anthony Zataray It takes three things to have a voice in today’s society: something you want to say, a platform to voice your opinion, and the ability to be consistent. In the current world, there are millions of different voices, and if you are trying to throw yours into […]

Natural Beauty Products: More Harm Than Good?

By: Abi Hillrich Natural items are all the rage these days, whether it be organic foods, all-natural ingredients from restaurants, or beauty products. Though more expensive, it is a widespread opinion that natural items are better for you. But when it comes to what you’re putting on your skin, does […]

The Need to Serve

By: Josiah Mohr Humans are incredibly needy people. Even in our highly individualized and self-sufficient culture, there seems to be no shortage of the expression of personal need. We all have an insatiable degree of irritable, impatient, and entitled needs that we feel must be shared with everyone. We overuse […]

The Search for Peacemakers

By: Victoria Fisher “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9 Most of us want peace. Very few of us are willing to make it. A lot of times a peacemaker might be viewed as someone who avoids conflict and minds their own […]

No Time for the Gym

By: Christina Bowman Health and wellness have become trendy topics among millennials, yet many people – primarily students – view them as low-priority. With only 24 hours in the day, most people either don’t have an extra hour or don’t want to use an hour to work out or take […]


By: Summer Mengarelli “Let’s breathe.” My boyfriend’s voice came through the speakerphone, garbled but reassuring. I sat on the edge of the bed in my hotel in Budapest and tried to focus on my breathing as he counted to four from halfway across the world. Gradually, as I breathed deeply […]

The Complexity of Minimalism

By: Abi Hillrich Popularized by mom-types and Instagram-famous LA girls, minimalism is currently having a moment. This may be the only context in which you’ve seen minimalism: the word in a too-long caption under a photo on Facebook or in repetitive Buzzfeed articles. “Minimalism” may call to mind images of […]

Passion Away from the Planner

By: Christina Bowman Have you ever heard of the Passion Planner? Let me tell you a little bit about how my day-by-day life is almost completely scheduled out between two leather covers. The art of this little booklet is that it allows you to write down everything you have happening […]

In the Absence of Direction

By: Josiah Mohr There is a great disparity between the expectation of what life is supposed to be and what life often actually is. How many of us have been asked the age-old question, “So, what are you doing with your life?” How many of us have wondered if that […]