The Simplicity of Maximalism

By: Summer Mengarelli Don’t tell IKEA, but minimalism has competition. Clean lines and muted color palettes have dominated the design world for awhile, and their influence shows no signs of stopping. Nonetheless, in recent years there has been a revival of a style we might characterize as the antithesis of […]

Looking for Lemons

By: Josiah Mohr I’m sure we’ve all had the chance to practice the sage advice of the idiom, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” A required precursor to this approach to life is that you must be given lemons. It also implies that the lemons are unwanted, requiring a […]

Making it Count: Pennies or Moments?

By: Mandy Pennington In a world full of philosophies and idioms, opinions and morals, we find that living is a tightrope walk over the large abyss of failure and discontentment. We grow up hearing about Dave Ramsey and credit card debt and mortgages and student loans, and are warned to […]

New Beginnings in New Places

By: Zackery Silvas The ability to live in Southern California is a blessing. From lounging on the beach to hitting up LA on the weekends, there is always something to do. The thought that I would ever leave California for an extended amount of time was once crazy to me. […]

Self-Image Psychology

By: Anthony Zataray Have you ever tried to improve something about your life? Maybe tried to lose weight? Or perhaps get a better score on a video game or a better GPA in school? What were the challenges of achieving these improvements? What makes progress so hard?

The “Treble” with Disregarding Classical Music

By: Victoria Fisher In a world where everyone is crazy about the newest fads and trends, classical music is often viewed as ancient history. However, even though this music is over 300 years old, if you pay close attention you can see why it is still important today. Composers such […]

The Rise of Podcasting

By: Abi Hillrich I had my first experience with a podcast in middle school. My younger brother, at age 12, convinced me to download a show he’d religiously listened to for about a year. It came out every Friday, was called “The RELEVANT Podcast” and was created by the same […]

What to Do When the World is Ending (Literally.)

By: Mandy Pennington Scenario A: The Zombie Apocalypse So you walk outside of your house one day to see a strange man leaning over what looks to be your….dead dog?? The man stands up slowly and turns around, and in one blinding flash of terror you see your puppy’s mangled […]


By: Zackery Silvas Underappreciated. That’s the word I would use to describe actresses in TV, movies, and theater. In a world where the media heavily favors men, women are almost an afterthought. Women are not cast as often as men are (a study from 2015 says that only 12 percent […]

Early To Rise

By: Summer Mengarelli You manage to be ready for bed by eleven, and optimistically set your alarm to a couple of hours before your first morning class. Lying in bed, you plan what you will accomplish in your extra time: maybe cook breakfast, enjoy your Keurig coffee in a mug […]