Plant Moms

By: Mary Krauss Aren’t allowed to keep a pet in your dorm? Can’t handle the cost of dog food? Too busy to keep up with fish that seem to constantly die on you? Well, fear no more: there’s an alternative for you. Instead of adopting a pet, you can adopt […]

Party-Goers and the Enneagram

By: Mandy Pennington My personal favorite free Enneagram test can be found at The most fun descriptions of your types can be found at I encourage you to go take the Enneagram and learn more about you!

On Self-Care & its Importance

Abi Hillrich Self-care is a term commonly tossed around everywhere we look—in blog posts, in conversation with friends, and all over social media. If you’re unfamiliar with what this term really means, all of the various information can be extremely overstimulating and confusing. Even if you know what self-care is, […]

Kick off your Sunday Shoes: Wild Country

By: Carrie Baker It’s a cool, crisp Thursday morning and we’re all walking to class. The weekend is upon us and everybody is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to conquer whatever this Friday-eve has in store. Well, mostly everybody. You see, there are two kinds of people on a Thursday morning: […]

I Chose You out of Love: The Journey to Adoption

By: Carrie Baker “The Christian religion is a religion of adoption. The Gospel tells us that one becomes a father or mother only if one adopts our children. One does not become a father or mother, even if one is a natural father or mother, until the day when one […]