Kick off your Sunday Shoes: Wild Country

By: Carrie Baker

It’s a cool, crisp Thursday morning and we’re all walking to class. The weekend is upon us and everybody is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to conquer whatever this Friday-eve has in store. Well, mostly everybody. You see, there are two kinds of people on a Thursday morning: those who have been up since 7:00 a.m., sporting what is comparable to your Sunday best, and those who look like they just rolled out of bed before trudging across campus to their 9:30 in Dietzman. You head into the classroom and take your seat. The girl in front of you reaches behind her head to do the awkward paper pass-off and that’s when you see it. Almost unnoticeable, but definitely visible…the infamous faded black line. She went to Wild Country.
Oh, Wild Country. The glowing beacon of mystery that is the elephant on campus. Pretty much everybody knows it exists, but nobody talks about it above a whisper, you know…because we go to a “Christian” school. You’ve heard about it, you’ve maybe even seen it grace your Insta feed a time or two, but you don’t really know what it is. So, I’ve taken the liberty of letting you in on a few dirty little secrets that might lead you to whipping out your fake leather cowboy boots and hitting the dance floor next Wednesday…or not.
Have you ever seen Footloose? Of course you have, so you know the plot. Girl: pastor’s daughter, rebel, wears red cowboy boots. Guy: moves into town, bad-boy type, likes girl, likes to dance. Fast forward to a concerned church congregation and a town with a no-dance policy keeping these kids from cutting a rug; so they sneak out at night to leave the county and ‘cut loose.’ Sound familiar? That’s basically all that Wild Country is—Greenville’s version of a live-action Footloose right before your eyes. Seriously though, they even play the song…and there’s a dance to that too. The music comes on and BAM—everybody starts dancing to this pre-choreographed dance they already know the moves to. It’s like the redneck college edition of High School Musical. It’s a beast all of its own that you probably won’t understand unless you experience it for yourself. It’s kind of cool, kind of awful, and once you’re done with all the stomping, shouting and stumbling over your own two feet, you can head over to the Greenville reunion at the local Steak ‘n’ Shake.
Here on campus, there are the ones who consider themselves regulars, the ones who go every once in awhile to feel cool, the ones who go once to say they went, and, last but not least, the ones who vow to never be caught dead in such an establishment. The truth of it all is that it doesn’t matter where you fall on the scale. All that boot stompin’ isn’t for everyone. But if you’re ever looking for something to do on a Wednesday night, there’s probably a group of hard-to-miss students walking out of the residence halls. If you ask them, they’re not going anywhere in particular, *insert wink* but they’ll probably give you a ride.

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