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It can be difficult, as a college student with a small income and growing expenses, to find inexpensive ways to decorate your life. Fortunately, there many artists who can provide affordable, gorgeous products that will help you feel more at home in your dorm. Modern artists, with the opportunities provided by social media, regularly use different platforms to advertise their brands. Below you will find several artists, along with Instagram accounts and examples of their products. Not only will you be able to incorporate some new, gorgeous creations into your life, but you will get the added bonus of supporting a small business, or in many cases, a single person’s creative processes.

Pins: Pintrill
Pintrill sells hundreds of pins, some collaborations with artists, some original, and some based on the Arizona tea brand. They’re all perfect for your backpack, jean jacket or tote bag.
Pictured: I Scream For You Pin, $12
Instagram: @pintrill

Posters: People I’ve Loved
People I’ve Loved is based out of California, everything created by a group of independent artists. In addition to posters, they have pins, cards, socks, and other goodies. Pro tip: their posters would look great on your boring white walls.
Pictured: Imposter, $30
Instagram: @peopleiveloved

Plants: The Sill
The Sill is a shop based in New York City, offering plant shipment for fair prices. They even have a section on their site dedicated to low light plants, which are ideal for a dorm room.
Pictured: Monstera, $19
Instagram: @thesill

Planners: Rifle Paper Co.
Rifle Paper Co. began as a paper goods company and has developed into a brand that collabs with Keds and L’Occitane. Their planners are stellar and unique, while providing enough room for a busy college student.
Pictured: 2018 Icon 12-Month Agenda, $12
Instagram: @riflepaperco

Stickers: Lovely Envelopes
Lovely Envelopes is a great paper goods company with stickers of illustrations by Tina Sosna, based out of Germany. Your laptop (or water bottle, or notebook) is begging for some of her gorgeous stickers.
Pictured: Birds at the Sea, $5.27
Instagram: @lovelyenvelopes

Dad Hats: Chipper Things
Chipper Things is a site dedicated to providing cheerful goods for anyone who needs a boost of optimism. Begun by Becky Simpson, it’s based in Nashville. Other than hats, Becky makes more goodies like flowcharts, shirts, and phone cases.
Pictured: “Do You Know What I Mean” Dad Hat, $32
Instagram: @chipperthings

Tote Bags: Stay Home Club
A company created for the introverts of the world, Stay Home Club celebrates the fun of staying home. Based in Canada and run by Olivia Mew, Stay Home Club offers gorgeous printed totes, shirts, pins, hair clips, and other things.
Pictured: Collection Tote Bag, $24
Instagram: @stayhomeclubofficial

Temporary Tattoos: Tattly
Tattly offers unique independent artists’ designs as temporary tattoos. They have all kinds of options for someone who likes having art on their body but isn’t sure they’re ready to commit to a real tattoo (or for those who have tattoos but just love these designs). They have hundreds of options: scented, charity-based, even some from Rifle Paper Co. Tattly also offers a subscription box!
Pictured: What to Focus On by Marc Johns, set of two for $5
Instagram: @tattly

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