by Abi Hillrich

Everyone has seen the signs, proudly displayed (and now strewn recklessly) around campus, announcing the transformation from Greenville College to Greenville University. They proudly proclaim “extending heritage, expanding reach,” but what exactly does that mean? It is difficult to fully understand what will change in this transition. There are many rumors spreading about what changes this new title will prompt. Some have said that the Lifestyle Statement will be updated, or done away with altogether. There is a spreading belief that the school will grow as a result of this transformation, but also there is a great deal of obscurity surrounding the facts. In order to better understand what attending Greenville University will be like next year, familiarize yourself with the lists below.

Greenville University will prompt:

  • more international students to enroll because of the the term “university.” This term communicates better the idea of higher education, especially cross-culturally
  • larger international Masters programs. The current Masters programs will have the opportunity to be strengthened, and are intended to bring in more students
  • the creation of new academic programs and more three-year plans. The more students enrolled at Greenville, the more effort the Greenville administration can put into other programs
  • a broadening of the school’s impact

Greenville University will not prompt:

  • any changes to the Lifestyle Statement. Rumors of distinct changes coming to the rules we follow here at Greenville have spread. However, this will not be happening
  • a change in the Free Methodist influence or Christian education. Greenville, whether a college or a university, values greatly the importance of God, and its Christian influence as an institution
  • the restructuring of campus buildings. No new buildings will be built, and there will not be any changes to the layout of classes. You won’t suddenly have to take art classes in Snyder, I promise
  • any major changes in faculty and staff
  • a decrease in the community of the school. Not even greater enrollment could take away the community that is a part of everything our school stands for

According to President Filby, this name change encourages us to dream bigger and to recognize that God has a greater plan for our school and our lives. Changing the name to Greenville University is reminiscent of the way that God called Abram to change his name to Abraham; every time Abraham was recognized by his new name, he was reminded of God’s sovereignty. Just saying aloud “Greenville University” will help those involved with our school to better focus on their missions. Greenville has always been, and hopefully always will be, a school that welcomes change. We see this when looking back over the 125 years of our school, and we will see it in the year to come. Whether you’re a GU cynic or fully behind the transition, get ready to welcome Greenville University on September 20, 2017.

To voice your opinions or feelings about the school’s coming transition, use the hashtag #TogetherGU on social media.

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