By: Christina Bowman

Going into college, most students don’t know what to expect, and they definitely don’t know what activities are necessary for a full college experience. So, just for you, here are 10 things you should do during your time as an undergraduate.

1. Live in a dorm for at least one year
This is something everyone should experience at least once in their college career. Not only does it help with making new friends and getting to know people, but it also will make you appreciate living in an apartment or house.

2. Pull an all-nighter studying
This is not something anyone necessarily wants to do, but it will almost inevitably happen at least once during your college years. When it does happen, it will make you think twice about putting off studying until the last minute.

3. Learn how to brew your own coffee
This can be a fun one if you learn different brewing methods. It also can be expensive, depending on the kind of coffee you enjoy. Most of us can’t afford to go to coffee shops or buy boxes of K-cups regularly, but if you make your own coffee a couple of times a week or for get-togethers with friends, it shouldn’t be a problem. Besides being fun, it’s just an important skill to have. If you don’t like coffee, learn to brew tea—that should be pretty simple.

4. Learn how to cook at least five meals
Don’t be clueless when you graduate and are on your own. You don’t want to eat ramen noodles and easy mac forever. It’s great to know a few different meals for when people come over or you are sick of going out.

5. Go home with your roommate
This one only really makes sense if you and your roommate are friends or have a good relationship. You are living with them for at least a year, so why not get to know them even better by taking a trip to their hometown, even if it’s just for the weekend.

6. Go on a trip
College is the time to go on a trip before you’re held down by a real full-time job. A lot of colleges and universities offer study abroad programs, spring break trips, and more. Look for opportunities, and if you can’t make it happen during the school year, see what you can do during the summer!

7. Try the local restaurants
This is especially true if you are attending a college far from your hometown. It’s a great way to get out with friends and try something new. You never know what local gem you may find.

8. Go camping
There may be somewhere to camp nearby, but if not, look to see if there are any state or national parks within a 100-mile radius of your school. This makes for a great weekend trip for a group of friends; go camping, hiking, and get out and enjoy nature away from the stress of school.

9. Get a part-time job
It’s never a bad idea to make a little money in your free time while you are going to school, especially if you are a student who likes to go out on the weekends or buy a daily coffee. Money seems to be in short supply during this period of life.

10. Keep a journal
You won’t regret this, especially after you graduate. During your time at school, experiences will become memories that you won’t want to forget. One of the best ways to remember them is to write them down daily, weekly, or even just monthly.

These are just 10 of many college experiences everyone should have at least once! There are many more. College is a wonderful time in life and it should be used to grow and mature as a person. In college, you may make lifelong best friends and priceless memories, so don’t waste the time you have. There are many opportunities available that may not show up again at other points in your life, so make the most of your four years as an undergraduate by living to the fullest.

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