Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is an organization whose vision is

“To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.”
 greenville-fcaThat is our goal here at GC. The club has officially been on our campus for two years, and we strive to build a stronger community between all of the athletes on different sports teams. FCA has the ability to transform lives and bring athletes closer to Christ, like they never have been before. It teaches athletes to give God all of the glory, and that through Him all things are possible.


On our campus, FCA meets for a huddle every Sunday night. Not only do our club members get to enjoy a message from our leadership team, but we also give out chapel credit, pizza, and always play fun games with prizes! It’s a great way to end the weekend and start the new week off in fellowship.



During our weekly Sunday night huddles this semester, our leadership team has been digging into the book of James. We’ve been discussing how real faith produces authentic deeds and that we can use this concept to bring glory to God in sports.


Once a month, we put on an FCA Game Huddle, which brings in a lot of athletes. The environment is competitive and diverse because the players come from different sports, both men’s and women’s. It’s fun to see these athletes connect through common interests such as their faith and love for sports.

God is doing work through FCA here on our campus. Whether we have a huddle of 10 athletes or 70, our mission is to be faithful disciples of God and bring others closer to Christ. We want to encourage and empower our student-athletes to impact and influence the campus for our Heavenly Father.


by Felicity Giddings

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