Enjoy Illinois: The Greenville Edition

We all know how boring small-town life can be. Almost every store and restaurant is closed by ten, leaving us with only McDonald’s, Subway, and Huddle House. So where do GC students go when open dorm hours are over and Dollar General is closed? Have you ever found yourself alone on a Saturday afternoon with a stale Pop-Tart and an empty dorm room? Well, never fear: we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 hang-out spots in the Greenville area.


Who doesn’t love perusing a shop of various knick knacks? Lisa’s is complete with ‘90s halloween costumes, antique wedding dresses for your special day (hint, hint, ring-by-springers), furniture for your dorms, hundreds of tea cups, toys, and so much more. Don’t be scared by the mannequins in the window. They only wake up at night.

  • Travel Distance: 900 feet

Adam Brothers Coffeehouse

7229e73a66a87d73322031221048a88cHome of the best coffee in Greenville, Adam Bros’ artistic atmosphere helps you get in tune with your inner hipster. Every broke college student has to have a go-to coffee shop, and this is yours. Warning: don’t show up after 4 p.m., ‘cause you’ll be too late for a latte.

  • Travel Distance: 900 feet

Two Marthas

Two cute ladies named Martha running a little boutique/art gallery/restaurant—what could be better? Martha Iler sells beautiful art, and they serve home-cooked meals from 11-2 every Thursday-Saturday. This is a perfect place to escape the DC once in a while.

  • Travel Distance: 0.7 miles


One of the only nearby restaurants that’s open 24/7, McDonald’s is Greenville’s No. 1 spot for the midnight munchies. Whether it’s to avoid homework, purchase some mediocre coffee, or party with your squad, McDonald’s is the place to be. Plus, they have free WiFi withoutCaptive Portal.

  • Travel Distance: 1.7 miles

Patriot’s Park

One of the closest parks to campus, Patriot’s is a perfect place for hiking, fishing, and picnicking. Whether you want a quiet place to sunbathe or a field for Ultimate Frisbee, this is the sweet spot for you. Bonus: If you go right at sunset, you’ll be sure to find a fresh Photography 1 student doing portraits by the lake.

  • Travel Distance: 2.2 miles

Governor Bond Lake Rope Swing

If you want a thrill without doing something actually illegal, try the rope swing on the shore of Governor Bond Lake. If you’re feeling especially daring, you could jump off the top of the tree into the water 25 feet below. Don’t worry, it’s plenty deep. Word of advice to those who want to have fun here: don’t be a germaphobe.

  • Travel Distance: 2.7 miles


Sad to say, we GC students make Walmart runs at 2 a.m. just because there’s nowhere else to go. Then we end up buying things we don’t need (i.e. onesies, $5 movies, and candy) just because we’re bored. Curse you, small town life.

  • Travel Distance: 18 miles

Fire-breathing Dragon

This may be a lesser-known spot, but Vandalia is home to its very own fire-breathing dragon! Ask at the nearby liquor store (don’t worry, you’re not breaking the Lifestyle Statement by going in) for tokens and see 10 seconds of fire-breathing glory. The best part is that someone thought it would be a good idea to build a metal dragon in the middle of a random town in Illinois.

  • Travel Distance: 19 miles

Carlyle Lake

keyesportFeeling like a romantic stroll on the beach? Carlyle Lake is the spot for you. Even if you don’t have that ring by spring, bring some friends along. At the biggest manmade lake in Illinois, there’s sand to dig in, water to wade in, and a playground to bring out your inner child.

  • Travel Distance: 21 miles

A cornfield

Come on, Illinois is full of them. Lay on top of your car and stargaze, or play sardines in the corn stalk mazes. Warning: be careful what you do out there…there are ears everywhere. Corny, right?

  • You’re already there.

What is a college experience without places to remember?

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By: Mandy Pennington

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