The CORE 102 Trip: Adventures in Religious Diversity

by Johnathon Goodenow Greenville College prides itself on teaching students to be both intelligent and focused on the commission given to us by Jesus Christ. To that end, all students have the opportunity to go on a trip to St. Louis during CORE 102 to gain a better understanding of […]

Finding a New Context

by Gianna Paden My fingers gripped so tightly onto my red bus pass that I was surprised it didn’t snap. I stepped onto the bus and muttered “buenas” to the driver while simultaneously scanning the seats for one that was free. I sat down and let it sink in that […]

Theater, Literature, and Shakespeare: Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker

by Mandy Pennington Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker is Greenville College’s newest English professor and co-chair of the English department. Bailey Parker is multi-talented, as she also serves a large role in the Factory Theatre and directed her first play, T he Diviners, at the theatre this semester. Bailey Parker is […]

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear: GC Baseball

by Mandy Pennington This year’s Greenville College baseball team comprised 34 men — 30 players and four coaches — who are dedicated to their sport and to the Lord. The team held regular devotions together throughout the year, and had three annual meetings for team bonding and fellowship. As in […]

Try Something New: Give One of these Activity Classes a Chance

by Hope Brakenhoff When college provides students with strenuous workloads and multiple all-nighters, it is important to be involved in a class focused around activity. Activity is healthy for your body, and taking an activity class is often a good way to incorporate some exercise into the hectic life of […]

Racing Against Time for the Best Short Film

by Hope Brakenhoff Every year, student groups of four to five who have a passion for filmmaking join together to create an extraordinary short film — in only 50 hours. Over one weekend, four teams competed in the 50-hour film festival to receive an award. The Center for Visual Culture […]

An Emotional Goodbye

by Tymber Gabbert Emotions. Sometimes emotions are viewed as obstacles, and other times they are seen as motivators. For the seniors of the Greenville College men’s basketball team, all sorts of emotions rushed through their minds as they were forced to say goodbye to the sport they fell in love […]

A Tennis Team Unlike Most

by Hope Brakenhoff Tennis is a unique sport in which teams can be individual-based or partner-based. For the Greenville College team, tennis is much more than a game. The tennis players at GC love the game, but more importantly, they love the atmosphere of the team. The women’s team is […]

Of Life and Death: A Comedy Show

by Abi Hillrich On the evening of April 7, Jack Dawdy performed a stand-up comedy show at the Factory Theatre. The show began with an opening act by Eddie Allison, and was aptly titled “Of Life and Death: A Comedy Show.” Silas Groves and Emily Gaffner joined Jack on stage […]

Why We Run

by Johnathon Goodenow People often ask runners why they choose to put their bodies through the pain and effort that competitive racing requires. There is also a mental element of running that is especially relevant in track, however. Athletes compete as part of a team, yet they are separated by […]