Earth, Wind, Water and Fire: Depth through Disaster

By: Carrie Baker The natural world is both incredible and powerful. It gives and takes away; it provides and yet also possesses the power to deprive millions of people all over the world. Over the course of this past year, humanity has been forced to realize that we truly are […]

What Do Our Dreams Mean?

By: Mandy Pennington In 1990, my mom was living in China. She came over as a foreign exchange student, but her main purpose was to share the gospel, although missionaries were illegal in China. While she was there, my mom was somewhat of a legend, with her beautiful long blonde […]

The Science of Inspiration

By: Abi Hillrich Inspiration is often looked at as something highly artistic and creative, the source of all things we may refer to as the humanities, stemming from right-brain activity. Lacking structure and predictability, the image of the Muse originated in Greek literature and is now known to personify an […]

Skin Stories: Finding Identity In Ink

By: Carrie Baker As humans, we’ve all encountered the pains of grief, confusion, distress, and—if we’re lucky—the weight of incomparable joy, pride and accomplishment. These experiences have become part of the narrative of what it means to be not only a member of humanity, but also to be a unique […]

Letter-Writing: A Lost Art Form

By: Mandy Pennington Dear Reader, You are living in a time when letter-writing is on its deathbed. The beginning of its demise came with the invention of the telephone, followed by the computer, the internet, e-mail, and the cell phone. This is a mournful death, as letters were a huge […]