The Activity of God

By: Josiah Mohr Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a tree? Well, I have and I can definitely say I felt crazy doing it. That conversation did indeed serve a purpose, despite your raised eyebrow. Actually, it was an assignment for my class on spiritual formation, as […]

Easy Dorm Snacks

By: Ben Casey So next time the Dining Commons turns your stomach sour or your room is too comfy to leave for the night, remember these treats to keep your stomach full and your palate satisfied.

The CORE 102 Trip: Adventures in Religious Diversity

by Johnathon Goodenow Greenville College prides itself on teaching students to be both intelligent and focused on the commission given to us by Jesus Christ. To that end, all students have the opportunity to go on a trip to St. Louis during CORE 102 to gain a better understanding of […]

Try Something New: Give One of these Activity Classes a Chance

by Hope Brakenhoff When college provides students with strenuous workloads and multiple all-nighters, it is important to be involved in a class focused around activity. Activity is healthy for your body, and taking an activity class is often a good way to incorporate some exercise into the hectic life of […]

Midnight Breakfast

by Mandy Pennington Midnight Breakfast is one of Greenville College’s most beloved traditions. Students gather in the Dining Commons for breakfast food at “midnight” (in reality, 10:30pm), live music, and dancing. The event usually happens the night of the last day of classes as a celebration of the end of […]

Greenville University

by Abi Hillrich Everyone has seen the signs, proudly displayed (and now strewn recklessly) around campus, announcing the transformation from Greenville College to Greenville University. They proudly proclaim “extending heritage, expanding reach,” but what exactly does that mean? It is difficult to fully understand what will change in this transition. […]

Not Too Bad: The Lifestyle Statement

by Summer Mengarelli an you remember the day you signed the Greenville College Lifestyle Statement? It was probably the summer before your freshman year, or much more recently if you are a transfer student. No matter when it was that you signed away drinking, smoking, and your right to share […]

Swinging for Glory

by Maci Sepp Whether we admit it or not, February is always a time when love is in the air. Romantics and cynics alike bear the burden of the Valentine’s Day season, from decades-long anniversaries to angst-filled first dates. This February was no different. Roses were still purchased, chocolates were […]