The Brains Behind the Operation

The Greenville University Vista is a student-run magazine that focuses on bringing the creative aspects of both writing and graphic design together to create a wonderful masterpiece to represent our school. We gain real world experience making page spreads and writing articles for our magazine, at a somewhat professional level. […]

Theater, Literature, and Shakespeare: Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker

by Mandy Pennington Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker is Greenville College’s newest English professor and co-chair of the English department. Bailey Parker is multi-talented, as she also serves a large role in the Factory Theatre and directed her first play, T he Diviners, at the theatre this semester. Bailey Parker is […]

The Christian in Politics

by Summer Mengarelli Like all sectors of the American population, Christians vary greatly, not only in their political views, but also in their opinions on whether or not they should be involved in politics. Many Christians, like many citizens in general, make their voting decisions based on one or two […]