Kick off your Sunday Shoes: Wild Country

By: Carrie Baker It’s a cool, crisp Thursday morning and we’re all walking to class. The weekend is upon us and everybody is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to conquer whatever this Friday-eve has in store. Well, mostly everybody. You see, there are two kinds of people on a Thursday morning: […]

So Bad, It’s Good: The Media We Love to Hate

by Ben Casey I recently paid $100 to see a movie in a theater. I bought the ticket, drove to Chicago, made a wrong turn at Fullerton, and arrived at the theater a half hour early to reserve a seat for my three-digit cinema extravaganza. The movie was awful. The […]

Christians and Secular Media

By Ben Casey I always thought that the Sunday school song “Oh Be Careful Little Eyes” was a Bible verse. I’m embarrassed to say that I only just found out it isn’t. Whenever I went to a movie, I could always count on my mom to text me: “O be […]

Racing Against Time for the Best Short Film

by Hope Brakenhoff Every year, student groups of four to five who have a passion for filmmaking join together to create an extraordinary short film — in only 50 hours. Over one weekend, four teams competed in the 50-hour film festival to receive an award. The Center for Visual Culture […]

Of Life and Death: A Comedy Show

by Abi Hillrich On the evening of April 7, Jack Dawdy performed a stand-up comedy show at the Factory Theatre. The show began with an opening act by Eddie Allison, and was aptly titled “Of Life and Death: A Comedy Show.” Silas Groves and Emily Gaffner joined Jack on stage […]

Photography of GC

by Mandy Pennington X Marks the Spot by Maggie Schoepke “I took this photo on a short boardwalk through some forest area in Marco Island, Fla. I cast my sister as my young female subject, as she is often my favorite subject and is a willing model. The title of […]

Wildflowers For the Wanderers

by Summer Mengarelli For the Wanderers Rebecca Munshaw describes her paintings as “abstract atmospheric art,” and works with acrylic on canvas, which she stretches herself over the frames she builds. In creating art, she focuses on a Greek phrase: To Pneuma ths Eirhnhs, which translates into the idea of a […]


by Summer Mengarelli A brand new campus band was formed in December 2016. After a simple “Hey, we should do a pop album together,” sophomore Adam Lamb and junior Mandy Pennington began to co-write songs, a project that would eventually manifest into a lab band called A.M. — complete with an […]


by Summer Mengarelli From the opening sequence of singing philosophers to the closing scene of mourning disciples, the Factory Theatre’s production of Godspell