School’s for Fools

by Sean Pope In case you haven’t heard, school’s for fools. Contrary to popular belief, the fool is a bright-minded individual. Chances are your grades are not as good as the fool’s, because the fool stays up every night to make sure each assignment goes beyond expectations. The fool passes […]

Skeptical by Default

by Kelsey Knoploh Truth has always been an interesting concept, but also one that is incredibly difficult to determine or define. We all certainly value the truth and desire not to be misled or lied to. However, this fact has become increasingly true in an age dominated by social media. […]

A Breath of Fresh Air

by Hope Brakenhoff Can you imagine going to Honduras for three weeks with a group of fellow Greenville College students? This was how some lucky students spent their winter break. A group of GC students traveled to Honduras for Interterm to learn how to scuba dive and become immersed in […]