Our Heroic Journey—The Monomyth

By: Josiah Mohr Life can easily be defined as a series of encounters, an endless cycle of innumerable decisions and possibilities, ultimately ending with the same single result for each of us. So is this cyclic life really all about the results of a universal sequence of endings—the end of […]

I Chose You out of Love: The Journey to Adoption

By: Carrie Baker “The Christian religion is a religion of adoption. The Gospel tells us that one becomes a father or mother only if one adopts our children. One does not become a father or mother, even if one is a natural father or mother, until the day when one […]

Taught to Teach

by Mandy Pennington During their final semester in the Education Department, Greenville College students are sent out to student teach in area schools. The experience, while all-consuming and sometimes stressful, is chock-full of learning moments and real-life experience. GC students enjoy getting to know their kids, learning the ins-and-outs of […]

The Sacred Process of Creation

by Abi Hillrich Understanding how to interact with culture and art is something the Church has been struggling with for decades. Finding a way to appropriately engage in culture without giving in to the immediate gratification that seems so appealing has been difficult for leaders of the Church to manage, […]

Finding a New Context

by Gianna Paden My fingers gripped so tightly onto my red bus pass that I was surprised it didn’t snap. I stepped onto the bus and muttered “buenas” to the driver while simultaneously scanning the seats for one that was free. I sat down and let it sink in that […]

Cuisine and Culture

by Johnathon Goodenow Do you like food? Are you open to trying new things? Is learning about different cultures something that interests you? Cuisine and Culture just might be the class for you. Each Interterm, a group of students gets the chance to visit authentic restaurants from various cultural backgrounds. […]

A Breath of Fresh Air

by Hope Brakenhoff Can you imagine going to Honduras for three weeks with a group of fellow Greenville College students? This was how some lucky students spent their winter break. A group of GC students traveled to Honduras for Interterm to learn how to scuba dive and become immersed in […]

Snowstorms and blessings: GC Choir’s Spring Break

by Mandy Pennington Spring break wasn’t very spring-y for the Greenville College Choir. A gigantic snowstorm followed the choir up the East Coast and created quite an adventure. However, we experienced numerous blessings in the midst of the (literal and figurative) storm, and the tour was a memorable one. For […]

Igniting Student Leadership

by Johnathon Goodenow Leading can be a daunting task. People often feel like they can’t handle the pressure involved in taking charge of a group, but one day they find themselves in a position in which they need to take on that role. People look up to those with skills […]