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People come to see them perform and put on a show. They laugh at their silly jokes and their hilarious acting. What the audience doesn’t know is that behind all the laughs, acting, and joking, there are hours of hard work, rehearsing different games, and creating jokes to bring to the show. All this preparation is to ensure that All this preparation is to ensure that,on the day of their performance, they’re able to be comfortable on stage. Let’s take a look behind the scenes with Greenville’s improv team, Joyous Chaos.

During rehearsals, the improv team participate in different games they will perform in the show. Their main idea for the rehearsals is to learn how to develop the plot of a funny story.

“Improv is about sharing the laughter and the good times that God allows us to have with each other,” stated senior Mark Barigye. This is his second year on the Joyous Chaos Improv team, and he’s made a huge impact over the past year, along with Austin Simmons and other upperclassmen who have been a part of the crew for a long time.

“In Improv, you want to keep the plot going, you don’t want to have a stand still on the plot,” Mark said. “You also want to be disciplined in your stage presence. Little things like that are things that I don’t think people who come to shows necessarily see.”

Indeed the practices are loads of fun, but the members also have to practice self control over the level of humor they express, “so when it’s showtime, they’re able to control it and still make the crowd laugh.

“Usually, during practice, we’re a lot more free and tell funny jokes only we would understand. It’s not as strict as the show,” Barigye stated. “Improv isn’t really hard until after the show’s over, when you have regrets on things you could’ve said in the show or something you could’ve done funny to increase the plot and make it more interesting.”

Improv also looks for new members every year. Many people try out to share the spotlight with the original crew of Joyous Chaos. Just like the rehearsals, participants in tryouts must act out in different games that will be in the show. One of the primary games they play during tryouts is when the participants circle around two people that are acting out a specific scene. Whoever says freeze has to take the place of the person that he or she tagged, and continue the scene.

“We’re intentional about continuing with plot development,” Barigye stated,  “Also the big part about it is, can you be funny on the spot.”

Improv is not only a team activity; it’s a bonding time as well. People, both on the stage and in the audience, gain new relationships with one another from cracking jokesand sharing laughter. People on the team are very comfortable and are able to be themselves with each other, and this is obviouswhen it’s showtime.

“All around it’s basically about growing,” concluded Barigye, “and with growing, there’s challenges.. Overall it’s fun, and I encourage anybody to try out.”

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