By Abi Hillrich

It’s that classic changing-of-the-seasons problem: you’re four days deep into 30-degree weather and you realize that you’d forgotten to make a playlist. Fear not! Below you’ll find a song for everything from the energizing falling temperatures to the melancholic, dreary rain (or snow)-filled days. You’ll only find female artists in the mix, to raise awareness of some of the strongest, most emotion-filled voices I know.

Go Home – Julien Baker

One of Julien’s most powerful releases, this song takes on issues of addiction and loneliness, ending with chords from “In Christ Alone.” It will knock your socks off.

Cut Yr Teeth – Kississippi

Kississippi’s most recent album is the perfect cold-weather soundtrack, with this song at the top of the list.

Nont For Sale – Sudan Archives

With a solid beat beneath Sudan’s gorgeous harmonies and gentle spoken word, this song just feels right in the cool air.

Harvard – Diet Cit

The necessary classic heartbroken love song to yell along to during cuffing season.

The Thunder Answered Back – Gabby’s World

But who are you? / From where do you come? / What do you believe in? / And who do you love?”

Safe – St. South

This song, balanced by its gentle piano and warm vocals, will make you want to drink coffee and write bad poetry while it’s snowing outside.

Depreston – Courtney Barnett

A song about an experience Barnett had while shopping for a home is perfect for going on walk on a dreary day.

Heat Wave – Snail Mail

“And I hope the love that you find / Swallows you wholly / Like you said it might”

Tactilian – Half Waif

This song is completely brilliant, that’s all.

Vacation – Florist

“Vacation” feels like nostalgia and growing up and falling in love.

Hands Down – The Greeting Committee

For the happy-in-love.

Boulders – Sonagur

This song crescendos to the perfect triumphant melody, reminding us of the beauty found in repetition.

For Sebastian From A Friend – Hop Along, Queen Ansleis

With their unique sound and raw vocals, Hop Along delivers a soul-wrenching song you won’t be able to stop singing along to.

Wes Anderson – Alex Lahey

“You’re the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had”

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